IVF Treatment Center In Delhi is a very serious problem among many couples today. There might be hundreds of reasons why a spouse may become infertile. There may be a problem with the husband or the wife, but it mustn't be a reason to stop you from having children of your own. Thanks to today's modern inventions and technologies, it has now become possible for an infertile couple to bear their own children.

Our fertility clinic is located at Karol Bagh and is one of those places which will guide you and help you analyze and find solution to your problems of fertility. With our trained doctors and counselors, we would be able to give the best diagnosis and help you evaluate the reasons of not getting pregnant. Our doctors will even suggest and recommend ways-including surgical treatments which will help you get pregnant. At our clinic, we assure you that we can treat all kinds of fertility disorders and provide you top-notch guidance on matters related to pregnancy. Ranging from the very basic to complex reproductive disorders in the male or female; we have made it possible to tackle them using the most advanced and state of the art technologies like IVF, ICSI.

Our staff at the fertility clinic understands a couple's dilemma and will help you in your quest to a healthy, happy baby. When you come to us, we understand each and every aspect of the couple-emotional, physical and even the financial state. At ivf center in delhi we care.

We Also Provide Treatment for sex problems should not only be done but should be done with complete transparency. TRANSPARENCY IS OUR POLICY. We do not believe in giving any self manufactured drugs or dispense any drugs at our end.

We believe that in order to secure a patient’s trust and faith on us and to maintain it, it is essential that a patient should know what drugs he is taking.We, at Safe Hands, PRESCRIBE drugs which are to be purchased from the chemist. We do not misuse hormones and sex stimulants. We do not believe in prescribing the same medicine for everyone. We do complete diagnosis of the problem on the basis of pathological tests, ultrasounds, sex counseling, clinical evaluation, history of patients disease, history of other  diseases if any including diabetes blood pressure thyroid etc, misuse of sex stimulants in the recent past like Viagra , misuse of ayurveda over the counter drugs etc.

Sexologist In Delhi Safe Hands provide solution for all sex problems by best sexologist in Delhi India. Top most sexologist in Delhi India and Infertility specialists doctors in Delhi India diagnose your problems and provide effective solution keeping in mind your age, gender, medical condition, etc.
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